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Leadership in Volunteering Special Interest Group



The Leadership in Volunteering Special Interest Group (SIG) has been established by Volunteering Victoria to support the interests, activities and advancement of Leaders and Managers of Volunteers and Volunteer Management, in particular:

  • Advocating for  the rights and interests of Managers of Volunteers
  • Advocating for the professionalisation of Managers of Volunteers and Volunteer Management programs through the provision of:
    • Appropriate accreditation and recognition programs
    • Training and professional development activities
    • Continuous improvement initiatives
    • Ongoing development and implementation of Volunteer Management Standards
  • Identification of current and emerging issues and trends of relevance to Managers of Volunteers and Volunteer Management, and analysis of the impact of those issues and trends
  • Input to the development of relevant Volunteering Victoria events, programs and products
  • Provision of communication channels to:
    • Facilitate the exchange of ideas, information and resources
    • Strengthen and encourage engagement in the SIG
    • Promote the value of Managers of Volunteers and best practice Volunteer Management
  • Mentoring & peer support

Membership of the SIG is open to:

  • Managers of Volunteers employed by members of Volunteering Victoria
  • Managers of Volunteers who are individual members of Volunteering Victoria
  • Individual members of Volunteering Victoria who have an interest in Volunteer Management e.g. researchers

To find out when the next Special Interest Group is on, please visit Professional Development and Events.

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