Testimonials : Mentoring Program 2018

The Volunteering Victoria Mentoring Program brings together experienced senior leaders of volunteers with entry-level managers of volunteers. The program offers both professional and personal development opportunities for passionate individuals who are looking to develop their skills and careers. Hear what other mentors and mentees from the sector have said about our 2018 Mentoring Program.

Next year’s mentoring program is coming up very shortly – more information about dates and how to apply will be released in the December edition of the Engage & Exchange Newsletter. Sign up on our homepage.


   Jane Lawson

“I have loved being involved in the Volunteering Victoria Mentoring Program. I feel that over the last 9 months I have learnt as much from my mentee as she has from me. It has definitely been a shared learning experience. Matching local government officers was an excellent decision by Volunteering Victoria as it enabled us to share similar stories and work through similar issues. I would encourage those that have the skills and time to get involved and become a mentor.”

   Lauren Waycott,

“Being involved in the Volunteering Victoria Mentoring Program has been a great learning experience and I would highly recommend those working in the volunteer sector to participate. My mentor was able to share her skills, knowledge and experience from the volunteer sector and help me learn new skills in volunteer management. The Mentoring Program has also enabled me to meet new like-minded people who share a similar passion in volunteer management and coordination. As a mentee I have worked closely with my mentor to help streamline Council’s approach to managing and retaining volunteers and to support cross-divisional volunteer work at Bayside City Council.”


“This is my second year participating in Volunteering Victoria’s – Volunteer Managers Mentoring program and I have again enjoyed my experience immensely.  When I started out in the industry 14 years ago it was difficult to target the right advice given the diversity of volunteering. The Mentoring program has very successfully matched me with mentees that allows the opportunity to share my relevant skills and experience and provide targeted assistance. Each year I have the opportunity myself to learn and grow through the program as well as developing long standing connections with my mentees and others in the industry. This year I have personally enjoyed crossing sectors in to the art industry with my mentoring partnership with Alice at Heide Museum. Not traditionally an art person it’s been a fantastic glimpse into another world and we’ve been especially lucky with our meeting backdrops both parks and art! I’d encourage both potential mentors and mentees to apply, it’s a great opportunity to share knowledge, receive advice, network and have some laughs along the way. It gives you a network outside of your traditional work environment that can really assist you to grow in yourself and the volunteer industry.”


Taking a new step in any career can be intimidating and the world of volunteering, although incredibly rewarding, has its own series of issues and challenges to face.  By joining the Volunteering Victoria Mentorship program, I was able to workshop solutions and come up with a firm idea of where I wanted to take the volunteer program into the future.  It is incredibly valuable to have the support of someone with a wealth of knowledge in the area and to share experiences, ideas and successes. In addition to the support provided by my mentor, the professional development opportunities and ongoing support offered by Volunteering Victoria during the program has been fantastic.  There are many opportunities to network and share experiences with mentors and mentees across the program and create relationships that will continue into the future. I highly recommend the Mentorship program, both for mentors and mentees, as a way to come together to promote, improve and grow the volunteering industry.”


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