Twelve Days of Volunteering: Put a little love in your heart!

Volunteering Victoria is the peak body for volunteering in Victoria. Through our dynamic and transformative leadership we will promote and build a vibrant, prosperous and strong volunteering community that is inclusive, respected and sustainable. Our Vision is resilient communities and empowered and active citizens through volunteering.

We are the peak body for ‘all things volunteering’ (people and organisations) in Victoria, and in our leadership role for the volunteer sector we often have campaigns to raise awareness of the value of volunteering and the part it plays within our community, drawing examples of the diverse ways volunteering happens.

It is part of Volunteering Victoria’s purpose to support the growth & empowerment of the volunteering community.  Imagine the possibilities is a campaign to raise awareness of the value of volunteering to our community & the diversity of ways volunteering happens.

The development & implementation of the campaign is a working example of the power & depth of volunteering within our community. The campaign features real organisations, from real locations, aiming to help real people & causes. It showcases the diversity of volunteering & the true, full impact of volunteers

Its bursts a few stereotypical myths & ideas about volunteering and highlights that volunteers are active citizens making a difference & that volunteering can transform lives & communities

Each organisation has used the campaign to promote their service or cause, showcase the value of their  volunteers & attract new volunteers. It recognises the economic and social impact of volunteering and it provides an opportunity for members of our community to see the volunteer movement in action and draw their own interest in becoming   an active volunteer participant within their local communities.

Volunteer Support organisations’ gift to the community

1.5 million volunteers in Victoria supported local communities 12.3% care for a person with a disability, 29.5% care for a child other than their own.

In 2006,  $4.9 billion was contributed by volunteers to the Victorian economy

*Duncan Ironmonger report, data from ‘Key stats and Facts’ Volunteering Victoria

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