Twelve Days of Volunteering: O come, all ye faithful Volunteers!

Patricia Vanschyndel, initially started volunteering when she was in primary school for the Friends of Moe and District Handicap Group.

That gave her the volunteering ‘bug’.

She then provided support for the elderly at Moe Hospital in the geriatric ward, volunteered in Perth supporting homeless, worked with Clean WA to help guide and support families and currently works with Interchange Gippsland and has done so for the past two years.

Patricia was asked by Volunteering Victoria how often she currently volunteers.

“Not as much as I’d like to due to work and family commitments, I try to volunteer once per month.”

Even though Patricia’s other commitments limits her desired capacity to volunteer, she still managed to provide 96 hours of volunteering over the past twelve months. She currently volunteers with Interchange Gippsland and joins the participants and groups on activities in the bus, often traveling to Melbourne and back.

Patricia likes to be able to help people, and learn more as she interacts with many different people.  She started an aged/disability course when she moved back to Victoria, which led her to placement hours with an organisation that worked with people with disabilities. After she completed her course placement hours with Interchange Gippsland, she loved it so much that she never left.

“I continue to volunteer as I enjoy it, I also really liked the organisation (Interchange Gippsland) and the activities that they provide to their participants. The staff at Interchange Gippsland are wonderful, and always easy to approach.”

Volunteers gift to the community
$3,349.00* dollar value of twelve months volunteering.
Countless lives touched by the respite the volunteers provide for families within this program
*hourly rate for volunteer was calculated using the Duncan Ironmonger Report 2016 projection

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