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Volunteering Pathway to Career Transition Snapshot

The role that volunteering does, and has greater potential to, play over a person’s working life and in the development of the workforce is not widely appreciated. While employment is not always the final destination for volunteers, volunteering is often a pathway to employment. Volunteering can also support upskilling and reskilling for career transition, and facilitate the move into retirement through healthy aging and retaining connectedness to community and society.

While it was agreed that there is no useful definition of ‘young’ and ‘old’, the focus of the contribution from Dr Julie Connolly (Brotherhood of St Laurence) was on younger people and the focus of the talk from Professor Philip Taylor (Federation University) was about older people. The discussion was moderated by Dr Dimitrios Salampasis (Swinburne University of Technology). 30 Volunteer managers and academics attended the research roundtable held in Geelong.

The following is a snapshot of the discussion.

Dr. Dimitrios Salampasis, Lecturer of Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Observations from the moderator:

Professor Philip Taylor, Professor of Human Resource Management

Challenging assumptions and key issues relating to older people:

Dr Julie Connolly – Brotherhood of St Laurence

Notes on younger people and key socioeconomic trends relating to volunteering:

Key reference:

Walsh, L., & Black, R. (2015). Youth volunteering in Australia: An evidence review. Report prepared for the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth. Canberra: ARACY.

Available online at: https://www.aracy.org.au/publications-resources/area?command=record&id=208 [1]

Marijke Fotia and Barb Hebb

Observations from the practitioners’ point of view:

Question & Answer Session

Open discussion from the floor: