Identifying practitioner needs

November 2012

What was the purpose of the roundtable?

The purpose of the roundtable was to identify areas of intersection between the state/national agenda, researcher interests and practitioner needs. The focus for this second roundtable was identified by participants at the May roundtable.

Who attended?

A mix of 20 researchers and practitioners from across Victoria including participants from volunteer resource centres (VRCs), three different universities and the Department of Planning and Community Development.

What was discussed?

  • A Volunteering policy panel discussion was held. It provided an overview of the current policy issues from a researcher, peak body and VRC perspective to provide a context for the afternoon’s workshop
  • In the afternoon participant’s broke into three groups to explore two questions:
    • How are the ideas and policy directions raised in the panel discussion impacting on volunteering?
    • Are there research projects and/or other initiatives of mutual interest we could pursue?

Areas for future exploration and discussion

The following areas for future exploration emerged from the roundtable discussion:

  • Urban design and its impact on volunteer engagement, particularly in the context of growth areas with limited community
  • Informal volunteering’s contribution to society (particularly by CALD communities) and the impact of the ‘westernised’ model of formal volunteering on the CALD communities’ participation in and understanding of
  • Attitudes to volunteering held by different demographic groups, including young
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