Energising volunteering research in Victoria

May 2013

What was the purpose of the roundtable?

The objectives of the roundtable were to:

  • Help to reinvigorate and energise volunteering research in Victoria
  • Start to build enduring connections and foster partnerships between Victorian researchers and

Who attended?

A mix of 20 researchers and practitioners from across Victoria including participants from VRCs, Councils, and a variety of VIOs.

What was discussed?

  • The results of Volunteering Victoria’s April 2012 survey on research and researcher/practitioner
  • The group then had three discussions:
    • Current researcher practitioner engagement and what might be possible in the
    • How can we define and enable researcher and practitioner partnerships and connections?
    • How can we work collaboratively to reinvigorate/energise volunteering research in Victoria?
  • Volunteering Victoria’s Draft Research Framework was overviewed and released for comment by 31 May

Areas for future exploration and discussion

The following areas for future exploration emerged from the roundtable discussion:

  • The role of Volunteering Victoria as a ‘broker’ of connections between researchers and
  • The role specialist and geographic volunteering practitioner networks could play in engagement between researchers and
  • Making existing research more accessible to practitioners. The idea of an ‘observatory’, clearing house and/or a knowledge repository?
  • Ways of enabling practitioners to be more confident both interpreting research and conducting their own internal
  • The importance of research to support advocacy both on behalf of our own organisations and the Victorian volunteering
  • Ways of obtaining funding for research in collaboration with each
  • Having a regular forum for practitioner and researcher engagement (online and face to face).

Finally, all participants were keen to meet again within six months to discuss areas of intersection between the state/national agenda, researcher interests and practitioner needs.

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