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Vote for Volunteering

This federal election campaign, Volunteering Victoria is supporting Volunteering Australia’s call to federal candidates to Vote for Volunteering.

We’re asking Volunteer Support Organisations to join us by approaching your local federal candidates to let them know about the important work you do and why volunteering needs their leadership and support.

Volunteering Australia has written to every federal candidate across Australia asking them to pledge their support to work in partnership with the volunteering sector to support the work of volunteers, volunteer managers and volunteer-involving organisations if elected on July 2.  We’re asking for:

A new National Volunteering Strategy that is non-partisan and developed in partnership with Volunteering Australia and other relevant sectors
A commitment to increased federal funding to volunteering that is managed sustainably, consistently and transparently, and that is allocated as a result of independent research and collaboration with the sector in the form of a Productivity Commission Inquiry
An acknowledgement that the work of volunteering crosses all portfolios of the Government, and must be administered accordingly

An increase in support for volunteering in areas with critical gaps, such as aged care, disability services, emergency management and youth.

We need your help to make this campaign a success.  Every time a candidate pledges their support for the campaign, we will update the Volunteering Australia website [1] to let the volunteering community know who deserves their vote on July 2.  If you notice that key candidates in your organisation’s community have not signed the pledge, we ask you to contact those candidates directly using the email template that we have drafted, which is available for download at the Vote for Volunteering website [2]You may want to wait until next week to do this as candidates were first contacted by Volunteering Australia June 16 and may not have had time to take the pledge yet.  You can also print the pledge for your local candidates to sign and share on social media using the hashtag, #vote4volunteering – again, the printable pledge is available on the Vote for Volunteering website [2].

Contacting your local candidates to talk about the Vote for Volunteering campaign is an excellent opportunity to let them know about all the work your organisation does and why their support for volunteering is vital.  A commitment from your local candidates to support the Vote for Volunteering campaign will enable you to hold whomever is elected, accountable to their pledge.

This campaign is about you and the support that you receive from the next federal Government – whomever that may be! – so please, get involved.  If you have any questions about the Vote for Volunteering campaign, please contact our Senior Policy Officer, Dominic Szeker d.szeker@volunteeringvictoria.org.au [3](03) 8327 8512 [4].