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Power of Association in East Gippsland

In 2015 Volunteering Victoria began doing intensive work in Gippsland to support local volunteer involving organisations that didn’t have access to a dedicated volunteer support agencies like other areas.

Our goal was to work in a number of local areas, including East Gippsland, to help them set up a support network for regional volunteer managers. In partnership with a number of motivated and connected agencies, as well as our on the ground staff member Rosemary Joiner, the East Gippsland Volunteer Managers Network was born.

Through the East Gippsland Volunteer Managers network, Volunteering Victoria harnesses the power of association to facilitate communication and collaboration between volunteer-involving organisations (VIOs) in the region.

The network has over one hundred member organisations. These organisations manage many hundreds of volunteers, who perform work which is diverse, valuable and sometimes surprising.

What’s the power of association?

No one organisation can be all things, to all people, so it’s important to work together for a strong future for the volunteer sector.

More than ever, its important all those with an interest in a vibrant, inclusive and resilient volunteering sector collaborate to provide a formidable, fearless and representative voice for volunteering.  Through the power of association, our collective voice is strengthened. Together we can build resilient communities and empowered and active citizens through volunteering.

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