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Leading Through Inclusion: CFA Pride

CFA Pride was the winner of the 2017 Volunteering Victoria State Award for Inclusion.

FACT: The majority of CFA volunteers are predominately middle aged, white, anglo saxon men.

FACT: Changing culture and diversifying membership in CFA that is rich in history and traditions can be a challenge

FACT: The enthusiasm of one volunteer can start a state-wide movement to celebrate the benefits of a more diverse organisation.

In 2016 we were pleased to present the CFA with the Volunteering Victoria State Award for Inclusion [1] for their innovative CFA Pride program.

Being a leader in the volunteer sector means being able to adapt to change and welcome in new members of the community to the volunteer workforce. By doing this, your program will be more sustainable and will ensure that the good work that you do reaches even more members of the community.

CFA Pride is a wonderful example of an organisation with a long history and a traditional volunteer workforce branching out to create a more vibrant and sustainable volunteer program.

The organisation says of the program;

“CFA Pride is a grassroots, volunteer driven network that has been established to recognise and support existing LGBTIQ members and encourage and recruit new LGBTIQ volunteers. CFA’s participation in the 2015 Midsumma Pride March was a landmark moment that demonstrated how the resilience and enthusiasm of one can change an organisation.”

As a grass roots program, CFA Pride is a great example of how leadership in an organisation doesn’t always need to come from the top. Listening to, involving and supporting your volunteers can lead to some significant organisational changes and innovation.

We congratulate CFA on their fantastic work.

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