Key facts and statistics about volunteering in Victoria – Census Update

We have updated our “Key facts and statistics about volunteering in Victoria” information sheet with data from the 2016 Census. These statistics may be helpful for you to reference in grant applications or for you to take into consideration when developing your volunteering strategy.

It’s not all numbers and methodology, data can tell a powerful story. Here are some fun facts:

  • The highest volunteering rate in Victoria by country of birth is from Oceania and Antarctica – people from the South Pole are very engaged in our community!
  • 84 Victorians reported that they still volunteer – over the age of 100!
  • Government employees are more likely to volunteer than those in the private sector, with people working in local government reporting the highest volunteering rate at 28.7% in Victoria – hats off to our dedicated public servants!

View the updated fact sheet

More detailed and tailored information is available through the Australian Bureau of Statistics ( or if you need a bit more guidance, you can contact our Policy and Advocacy Officer Dominic Szeker at or on (03) 8327 8512.

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