Involve Your Local – 2018 Victorian Election Campaign

The Victorian State Elections will be held on 24 November 2018. This means in November, candidates from all political parties will be campaigning in their electorates.

We want our leaders to know all about the enormous contribution that volunteers make for Victoria – their value, their challenges, their experiences. We want everyone to know how important volunteers are for your organisation. And what better way than for politicians to learn for themselves firsthand?

This November, invite your local politicians to volunteer at your organisation as part of the #InvolveYourLocal campaign before #VicVotes2018. 

Keep it positive. Make it informative. Have fun and most importantly, share your stories using the hashtag #InvolveYourLocal

Follow our 4- step guide and get them involved today!

Step 1
Who is running in your area? Visit the Victorian Electoral Commission website. Contact political parties, find out who is the party spokesperson for your sector/cause. Use your networks.

Step 2
Invite election candidates to your organisation. You can use this letter invitation template and tailor it to your organisation.

Step 3
Involve your local election candidates. There are no hard rules for the campaign. Candidates will be busy and so may only be able to micro-volunteer or take a tour of your organisation to meet your volunteers. You might find an inventive way to get them involved in your work.
While the candidates have your attention, tell them about the important work that volunteers do. Tell them about your priorities for volunteering in the 2018 Victorian Election. You can discuss the 2018 Volunteering Victoria Election Priorities found here.

Step 4
Share your stories of the day with photos using hashtags on social media. This is your chance to generate goodwill and more awareness so tag people, include your own hashtags and post on other pages.



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