Volunteering Opportunities with Indigenous Organisations

If you are interested in volunteering with an indigenous organisations the below resources can help connect you with opportunities.

Law Institute Victoria

The Law Institute of Victoria provides a list of indigenous organisations on their website here. 

Pro Bono Australia

Pro Bono Australia  have a database of opportunities on their website. You can see the latest national opportunities for volunteering with indigenous organisations here.

Go Volunteer

Like Pro Bono Australia, Go Volunteer lists volunteer opportunities around Australia. You can see current opportunities in indigenous organisations here.

Australian Volunteers Program

The Australian Volunteers Program is an an initiative of the Australian Government providing opportunities to contribute to aid objectives through volunteering.  Find out more about the program here.

Leadership Victoria – Indigenous Leadership Network

Leadership Victoria (LV) exists to inspire, develop and connect exceptional leaders who are driven by personal development and professional excellence and share their passion for creating a better world. They have developed an Indigenous Leadership Network to foster emerging leaders in the Indigenous community. Read more>

Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership

The Fellowship for Indigenous Leadership fosters leadership, providing exceptional people with the support they need to achieve their vision for their communities.

The Fellowship invests in recognised leaders and provides opportunities to emerging leaders within Victoria’s Indigenous communities. The value of the investment in building Indigenous leadership is to improve the economic as well as the social and emotional wellbeing of communities. Read more>

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