Western Health

Works collaboratively to provide quality health and well being services for people of the west.

Western Health works to provide quality health and well being services for people who live in the western suburbs and communities of Melbourne.

Western Health’s Volunteer Program draw together a dedicated team of volunteers who work alongside health care staff to enable the best possible outcomes for patients and their families. The roles vary from:

  • Administration: like doing mail outs, preparing kits, photocopying and entering data.
  • Social support: spending time with patients in either a group setting or on a one to one basis, sharing stories with patients and visitors. Group activities can include playing Bingo, watching a movie, cooking, or completing craft activities.
  • Meals assistance: offer 1:1 lunch-time support to patients who are having difficulty feeding themselves. The tasks can range from: setting-up, opening containers, and providing verbal prompts, to maximal, for patients who require full assistance to eat and drink.
  • Activity Support:  one on one conversations and reading, discussions of recent topics in the news along with group activities such as bingo, word games and craft.
  • Therapy garden: to maintain the garden and also to engage with the patients and families from the Secure Gem Ward also engaging with community groups within the local community.
“The volunteer team at Western Health assist in enhancing the patient experience and allow for a direct connection for our local community to their local health service. The volunteers come to Western Health with knowledge, compassion and expertise that our clinicians and staff harness to then be able to offer our community A Best Care Framework. Without our volunteer team the patient experience would be very different,” says Jo Spence.

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