The state’s oldest and largest food distribution service, providing food relief to individuals and families experiencing difficulties.

Foodbank Victoria is the State’s oldest and largest food relief organisation. Foodbank Victoria is an independent not-for-profit organisation that aids individuals and families experiencing hardship, with food relief. With over 80 years experience and 60 permanent volunteers, Foodbank Victoria is breaking down barriers to support Victorian communities.

They work with a network of over 800 corporate and community partners who are vital in the sourcing and distributing of food. Foodbank Victoria strives to improve the lives of Victorians that most need their support.

In 2012-2013, Foodbank Victoria distributed over 9.9 million meals across metro, regional and rural communities of Victoria. An addition into Foodbank Victoria’s volunteering sector is their Corporate Volunteer Program. Volunteers provide new skills to the organisation that help build their ability to operate in many  areas such as online media and provide direction in achieving strategic goals.

The operations of Foodbank Victoria could not be possible with their team of volunteers and they acknowledge the impact that volunteers make within their organisation.

If Foodbank Victoria did not have the support of their volunteers they would not be able to provide the assistance they do across Victoria, serving and delivering food to over 536, 000 Victorians who need food relief every year.

The volunteers at Foodbank Victoria help in the distribution of food, in social media, administrative roles, picking and packing of food orders and other light warehouse duties.

For every dollar that is donated to Foodbank Victoria, an amazing seven dollars worth of food is distributed. They have sourced and gained relationships with 284 farmers, manufacturers, wholesalers & retailers who donate food to Foodbank Victoria.

Their vision is to provide Victoria with ‘Healthy Food for All,’ assisting all Victorians who are experiencing hardship. Did you know that a donation of $25 to Foodbank Victoria can feed a family of four for a week?

Now that’s a cost effective way to be the light for a family experiencing darkness.

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