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Casey Young Vinnies

Casey Young Vinnies, is a youth initiative that operates under the St. Vincent de Paul Society (SVDP) in the City of Casey. Their aim revolves around being mentors for children between the ages of 6-12.

This is evident through their Youth Support Program, where the Vinnies Youth Leaders take children who might not otherwise be able to, on Kid’s Day’s Out (KDO’s), youth camps, and support children through a Homework Centre where they improve the knowledge and skills of their group of children through educational encouragement and tutoring.

Another facet of Casey Young Vinnies is their involvement with Vinnies Soup Van, providing much needed food and support to people experiencing homelessness and those who can’t afford to put a meal. Casey Young Vinnies often works with other members and groups in SVDP, and are small part of a larger society.

The KDO’s are the Casey Young Vinnies Group primary function, where they take the children to the zoo, ice skating, movies, bowling, Myuna Farm, and they even host cooking days, letting the children bring out their creative side by baking and decorating cookies and pizza.

Every fortnight on a Sunday, Casey Young Vinnies take these children to various and exciting places, where they may not commonly go with their families. It highlights the fact that poverty isn’t just ‘somewhere else in the world, it can be just next door.

“As a child I took many things for granted, for example being able to go with my friends to the movies whenever I felt like. My initiative when becoming President of Casey Young Vinnies, was to keep our group humble, and grateful. We are grateful get the chance to work with the beautiful imaginations of these kids, and make an impact in their life. We may not reach millions of children with our support, but the ones we do, are priceless to us. It’s a simple ‘thank-you for being there’ or a ‘that was the most awesome day out I have had,’ that motivates us to keep on giving them the best we can,” says Michael Prasetyo, President of Casey Young Vinnies.

With a team of 12 dedicated and bright volunteers, Casey Young Vinnies are proud to devote their time to those who need it most. They have changed the lives of the 20 families they work with.

The Imagine the possibilities campaign materials will support the program in recruiting new volunteers to the program in the Casey area, and also letting the community know about the program for those who know people who could benefit from the services and supports provided by the energetic group of young people.

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