Imagine the Possibilities

 It’s too easy to take volunteers for granted.

Volunteers are the power behind more than 600,000 not for profit organisations in Australia. Even in the organisations that have paid staff (a minority), there is a heavy reliance on the goodwill, energy and skills of people who freely give their time and expertise to help out. To make things happen. To make the world just a bit better.

Imagine the possibilities is a Volunteering Victoria campaign to raise awareness of the value that volunteering plays in our community and the diversity of ways volunteering happens. It is part of Volunteering Victoria’s mission to support the growth and empowerment of the volunteering community.

This campaign has been developed with a significant investment of time and expertise by a team of skilled volunteers from the disciplines of marketing, communications and design who have collaborated with Volunteering Victoria staff, who in turn, have consulted widely with the sector about the campaign approach and creative. The development and implementation of the campaign is in itself a working example of the power and diversity of volunteering.

Through the campaign – featuring real organisations, from real locations, aiming to help real people and causes – Volunteering Victoria showcases the diversity of volunteering and busts a few myths based on stereotypical ideas of what volunteering means and the true, full impact of volunteers.

By adapting the campaign to locations and organisations, we share our message – that active citizens make a difference. Not just in abstract ways – each individual organisation (below) has used the campaign to promote their service or cause, showcase the value of their volunteers and attract new volunteers to their organisation.

The Campaigns

Visit our partner not for profits to view each campaign and download resources.

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How it came together

Each volunteer-involving organisation applied to be one of the organisations to receive a free pack of campaign materials after a general call for applications (Volunteering Victoria members received priority in the application process). In addition, we ran a campaign calling for professional (or very keen amateur) photographers to offer their time and expertise to photograph the winning organisations. Once all applications were in, Volunteering Victoria matched photographers and their areas of interest with the successful VIO applicants, provide a brief, and assisted in the coordination of the photoshoot. Each professionally designed and produced campaign pack includes:

  • 20 posters
  • 1000 postcards
  • 1 – 2 webtiles/banners
  • design drafts for print advertisements focused on recruitment for volunteering organisations.

Content for webpages and materials, media releases supporting the campaign in its locality, social media promotion and design and layout are included in each pack. The campaign materials will remain downloadable from each of the webpages above, as well as photo galleries of pictures taken. Consent forms from photographers and photo subjects have been completed (lodged with Volunteering Victoria).

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