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2018 National Volunteer Week – Wrap Up

On 31 May, Volunteering Victoria was delighted to host the Forum: Ethics in Volunteer Leadership. Our National Volunteer Week celebration event attracted 120 delegates, supported by six volunteers.

Videos and of the forum are available on our social media (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook).

Gabrielle Williams, Parliamentary Secretary for Carers and Volunteers and Cindy McLeish, Shadow Assistant Minister for Environment, Communities and Volunteers, attended the forum as special guests. Ms Williams spoke about the importance of volunteering for our communities and support for the volunteering sector by the Victorian Government, through the Ministerial Advisory Council (MAC) for Volunteers. The MAC will oversee funding announced in the 2018-19 Victorian Budget to map existing tools and resources available to volunteer managers, and to pilot innovations in volunteer management.

The forum featured a keynote address from Robert Wood (Director Cognicity) and a panel discussion facilitated by Rowena Doo, (National Television Quiz Show Champion) with esteemed panellists Chirag Lodhia (Positively Transforming World), Marie Sloan (CEO, Work for the Soul), and Geoff Sharp (Volunteering Victoria Board Director).

The panel shared their experiences with ethical dilemmas and their lessons and aspirations for ethical leadership. Some of their experiences and insights included: