2015 winners

Employee Volunteering Award

Cummins business is designing and manufacturing diesel engines and related technology.  Core to Cummins values is supporting and contributing to its local communities and ensuring opportunities for its employees to engage with these communities.  Cummins’ employee volunteers support several Foodbank locations across Victoria. These employee volunteers have significantly increased the daily provision by Foodbank in providing food to Victorians in need.  Enthusiastic discussions and efforts amongst Cummins employees saw the expansions of this program and additional Foodbank locations accessing volunteers throughout the year. The Cummins employee volunteer’s efforts have almost doubled Foodbank’s packaging capability, resulting in the provision of some 17,000 meals per day at these locations. Both Cummins and Foodbank look forward to these achievements continuing beyond 2015 in an effort to reduce the hunger of the 105,000 homeless and 2.2 million Australian living in poverty.

Innovation Award

Ardoch Youth Foundation Volunteer Program is increasingly recognised as a model of best practice in recruitment, screening, training and support of volunteers in education. Their volunteers share professional knowledge and skills to upskill other volunteers to provide classroom support in literacy and numeracy, music, workshops, lunchtime and excursion activities, and a variety of other areas important to the positive development of children.  The Volunteer Program provides for significant and positive role modelling to young people from disadvantaged communities. Since inception, this program has, and continues to demonstrate improvements in recipient resilience, skills, abilities, social interactions and education. All of which provide foundations for better futures.

Congratulations to all of our 2015 winners and finalists

Impact Award

National Council of Jewish Women of Australia (Vic) – Caring Mums Program recognises maternal health and wellbeing is an important part of the health outcomes of children.  This program is a Melbourne based, confidential, free-of-charge and non-denominational service providing in-home support through visiting volunteers who offer practical and emotional support during pregnancy and in the first twelve months after birth of a baby.  For a variety of reasons, not all mothers have support networks including their own mothers and the Caring Mums Program provides volunteers who themselves are mothers. These volunteers ensure the mother has positive social engagement, increased confidence and parenting skills. This program has and continues to receive support and referrals from local councils, maternal and child health providers and family support organisations.  This program is used as example of positive and appropriate volunteering to new mothers who feel isolated, overwhelmed and unsupported.

Inclusion Award

Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network is a branch of the Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC).  Seed is a newly formed organisation that engages young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to raise awareness about the impacts of climate change on their communities and foster connection to their people in with ways where they can build solutions.

Seed hosted the first-ever Indigenous Youth Climate Summit in Australia.  This event provided the opportunity for the participants to learn, share, interact and set goals relating to defining a ‘just and sustainable future with strong cultures and communities….transitioning to safe, clean renewable energy’. Seed continues to provide training to Indigenous young people through summits, camps, presentations, speeches and community engagement activities/processes.  All of which are building opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander youth to be included and act as leaders in important decisions that will impact on the future of their culture, heritage and communities.

Thought Leadership Award

Shane Genziuk, Technology Manager & Doctoral Candidate (Non Profit Studies) researches the world of corporates and the potential for not-for-profits to develop better partnerships with them to achieve better results in volunteering. Shane’s work identified the need for not-for-profits to identify and access the often unknown or hidden ‘foundations’ within a corporation to influence its charitable giving programs and benefit from non-cash resources such as volunteering. This research identifies that not-for-profits need to better equip themselves with the knowledge of corporations to better partners with them and create mutually beneficial volunteering programs. This will achieve better outcomes for the society both organisations sit within.

Excellence Award

Heide Museum of Modern Art, Volunteer Management Team engages, resources, develops and coordinates up to 200 volunteers as an essential and strategic component of the organisation.  The well planned and managed volunteer model and processes at Heide demonstrates all that is positive about our community and the arts – diversity, inclusiveness and valuing individual abilities. The Volunteer Management Team ensures the experiences of volunteering at Heide are positive, purposeful, engaging and mutually beneficial to all involved.  The experiences of visitors to Heide are enriched by the expertise, professionalism, knowledge and resourcefulness of the volunteers they meet.

Heide Museum of Modern Art has key goals and deliverables within its strategic plan specifically focussed on volunteers and their program.  The volunteer program is founded and continually enhanced by using and adhering to the National Standards for Involving Volunteers in Not-for-Profit Organisations. The Volunteer Management Team has achieved and maintained an excellent standard of recruitment, continual development and maintenance of the program and its volunteers through the provision of best practice policy, process and engagement.  Heide’s excellent management and provisions of its volunteers is a large component contributing to continual acknowledgement of its international and national reputation for excellence.

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