Multicultural Volunteering Special Interest Group


The Multicultural Volunteering Special Interest Group (SIG) is established by Volunteering Victoria to support the advancement, growth and interests of multicultural volunteering in Victoria. 

The SIG will work collaboratively and inclusively to:

  • Advocate for recognition and the expansion of volunteering in multicultural communities to support:
    • Improved wellbeing, social integration and economic participation by community members
    • Development of more robust, sustainable and relevant volunteer involving organisations (VIOs)
    • Building of resilient and inclusive communities
  • Advocate for improved financial and material support for multicultural volunteering and the activities of this SIG from the three level of government, the philanthropic sector and the business community
  • Identify best practice and current and emerging issues and trends relevant to multicultural volunteering, analyse the impact of those issues and trends and share information with the volunteering community
  • Develop and share information about programs, projects and plans that incorporate a multi-faceted approach to multicultural volunteering to:
    • Engage and support volunteers from multicultural backgrounds
    • Build the capability and capacity of VIOs to engage with and support multicultural volunteers
    • Strengthen connections between VIOs and multicultural organisations to improve meaningful volunteering opportunities for multicultual communities
    • Ensure learnings are shared and utilised to improve service delivery and meet multicultual community needs
  • Provide input to the development of relevant Volunteering Victoria events, programs and products including:
    • Learning and professional development resources and programs
    • Online information, tools and resources
    • Research, advocacy and policy
    • Marketing communications
  • Provision of communication channels to:
    • Facilitate the exchange of ideas, information and resources
    • Strengthen and encourage engagement in the Multicultural SIG
    • Promote the value of multicultural volunteering and best practice Volunteer Management
  • Networking & peer support

Membership of the Multicultural Volunteering SIG is open to

    • Organisations or individuals who provide support and services to the Victorian multicultural community
    • People  employed by members of Volunteering Victoria with a direct connection to or interest in multicultural volunteering
    • Individual members of Volunteering Victoria who have an interest in multicultural  volunteering e.g. researchers

For more information about the Multicultural Volunteering SIG contact:

Shelley Falzon

Learning and Development Coordinator

T: 03 8327 8500


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Shelley Falzon

T (03) 8327 8500