Award Categories

Innovation Award

Awarded to a Volunteer Involving Organisation for an innovative, unique volunteering program or model that engages volunteers, and makes a significant contribution to the work of the volunteer involving organisation, improving its ability to achieve its purpose and objectives, and to deliver positive outcomes.

Excellence Award

Awarded to an individual manager or leader of volunteers or a Volunteer Involving Organisation for demonstrating a commitment to going beyond best practice volunteer management.

Inclusion Award

Awarded to a Volunteering Program that achieves the inclusion of individuals or groups who are often excluded from the mainstream or traditional volunteering. Inclusion can be with respect to any groups within society that characteristically experience disadvantage, isolation or discrimination, including but not restricted to CALD communities, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders,  people with disability, the aged, gender or sexual identity groups, recent migrants and refugees.

2015 Inclusion Award winners, Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network

Thought Leadership Awards

Awarded to a researcher and a practitioner who make significant contributions to the advancement of knowledge or research regarding volunteering, in particular (but not limited to) volunteering leadership and management

There will two Awards given in this category – one for practitioners and one for researchers.

Employee Volunteering Awards

Awarded to an organisation that delivers a specific, significant, sustained and successful benefit to one or more volunteer involving organisation through its employee volunteering program. The volunteering contribution may include general or skilled volunteering including pro-bono work.

Lifetime Achievement Award

Awarded to a paid or unpaid leader or manager of volunteers for long-standing, distinguished and meritorious service to the volunteering sector in a leadership role over at least seven years.


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