Volunteering Victoria State Awards

Nominations for the 2017 State Awards are now open

The State Awards nominations are now open and will close 5:00 pm Friday 1 September

You can view the full list of award categories here.

For information on how to enter the awards, including the nomination form and selection criteria, please go here.

There are six award categories including:

  • Innovation Award
  • Excellence Award
  • Inclusion Award
  • Thought Leadership Awards (researcher and practitioner)
  • Employee Volunteering Award
  • Lifetime Achievement Award

The State Awards ceremony will be held Wednesday 22 November

About the State Awards

The Volunteering Victoria State Awards aim to embrace, and showcase the work of volunteer managers, programs and volunteer involving organisations. 2015 marked the inaugural year of these all encompassing awards.

The Awards were developed in consultation with the volunteering sector, and in response to the need for inclusive awards that reflect the ways volunteering is evolving in new and innovative ways. Traditional ideas about volunteering are being challenged every day, and volunteer managers in organisations are constantly applying their expertise to meet the diverse motivations of their volunteers and steer that committed and enthusiastic workforce towards their organisation’s purpose and goals.

Many Awards services and ceremonies exist in communities large and small. There are sector specific awards, and State and Commonwealth Government departments and ministers have also hosted recognition events. However, these focus largely on the amazing work and achievements of individual volunteers.

These Awards aim to showcase the extraordinary infrastructure in our state that makes volunteering possible.

The Volunteering Victoria State Awards will be held in the stunning surrounds of Parliament House on 22 November 2017.

“Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good without financial gain.  This definition is wide-reaching and highlights that volunteering is incredibly diverse, pervading and impacting all aspects of life in Victoria, Australia and across the world.

While we rightly recognise the efforts and contribution of all volunteers in our communities, too often we don’t acknowledge and celebrate the work of the people behind the scenes – the people who lead and support the volunteers, and who help make volunteering such a rewarding and valued experience.  I am talking about the volunteer managers.  Inclusive, innovative, impactful, safe and sustainable volunteering doesn’t just happen – it requires creative, thoughtful and passionate leadership, it requires all the skills of a great HR manager and much, much more!  Our State Awards recognise Victoria’s best volunteer managers, the programs they lead and the organisations that support them.” 

Sue Noble, CEO

Volunteering impacts all our lives and all aspects of our community. Those working in the volunteering sector know that without volunteer programs:

  • Many community support services will not be delivered
  • Community sport will grind to a halt
  • Many cultural institutions will close
  • Our environment will degrade and wildlife will disappear
  • We will be at greater risk from disasters and recovery will be slower
  • There will be a breakdown in social connectedness, cohesion and resilience
  • People will live less safe, less healthy, lonely, isolated and poorer lives.

Let’s celebrate those who make volunteering happen!

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