Sign the petition: Help save Volunteering Support Services

Designated funding for Volunteering Support Services in Victoria is under threat, and we need your help.

Volunteering is a tower of strength in our communities with 5.8 million Australians or 31 per cent of the population volunteering, making an estimated annual contribution of $290 billion to our economic and social good.

Currently the Strong and Resilient Communities grants, which support many Volunteer Support Services (also known as Volunteer Resource Centres), is due to take effect from 1 January 2018 and does not include funding specifically for these services. Valuable Volunteer Support Services will be forced to compete alongside other worthwhile projects from across the community services for broader pools of funding that respond to themes of disadvantage.

These proposed changes to funding have the potential to rip the heart out of place based Volunteering Support Services. This year, the Strong and Resilient Communities grants are delivering between $6-$7.5 million in funding to on-the-ground programs as part of the volunteer management stream of funding. To lose this would be an enormous blow to communities who rely on the volunteering programs that this funding delivers.

Volunteering Australia, with the support of the State and Territory peaks including Volunteering Victoria, have launched the Tower of Strength national advocacy campaign, fighting to retain designated funding to these vital services.

The Value of Volunteering Support Services

Download our infographics, highlighting the value of Volunteering Support Services.
The Value of VSSs Infographic (portrait)
The Value of VSSs Infographic (landscape)

You can help

To support strong volunteering infrastructure in your community you can sign the Volunteering Australia Petition today.

Find out more

Head to the Volunteering Australia website to read more about the campaign and the activities that have taken place so far.

Volunteering – a tower of strength in our communities


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