Training: The 3 Rs – Recruitment, Retention and Recognition

What are some of the ingredients of a well-run volunteer program? How can you make your volunteer program attractive to a diverse pool of volunteers?  And, once recruited, how do you keep your volunteers engaged?Understanding The 3R’s: Recruitment, Retention and Recognition will help you attract volunteers, keep them motivated and acknowledge their contribution so they feel connected to your program and organisation.

This interactive workshop provides participants with strategies they can implement into their program. Applying the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement,  participants will learn how to develop or improve an existing volunteer program so that they successfully recruit, retain and recognize the vital  contribution volunteers make; leading to increased retention rates and a healthy workplace culture.

Learning outcomes

On completion of the workshop participants will be able to:

• Understand recruitment and retention in line with the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement
• Develop comprehensive recruitment strategies to attract a variety of demographics
• Understand volunteer motivations and how to manage volunteer expectations
• Identify strategies and processes that support the recognition and contribution volunteers make to the programs and organisations in which they work

Lunch will be provided.

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