Snapshot – Chris Jarvis & Angela Parker, Realized Worth Workshops

‘What corporate volunteers see and hear is more important to us than what they do.’ Chris Vogt, Volunteer Manager, Prahran Mission

Chris’ comment reinforces one of the key insights shared during the recent employee engagement workshops with Chris Jarvis and Angela Parker, Co-founders of Realized Worth, a global consulting firm.

Chris and Angela explored how neuroscience and ‘prosocial sense-making’ research can strengthen employees’ personal and corporate commitment. By creating the possibility for empathy and caring to develop, employee volunteering moves from being a task focused, transaction to a transformational experience.

The workshops provided practical tips for working in the transformational space of employee volunteering and making sense of this experience for the benefit of all involved – companies, individuals, and communities. Enabling companies to measure this fundamental experience in terms of a ROI was also addressed.

The cultural mindset in terms of the value of employee volunteering is changing. Employee volunteering is not just about efficiency and getting the job done. If we are about changing hearts and minds and creating socially inclusive communities, then empowering employee volunteers to work at their highest level of contribution in the transformational zone of volunteering is an attractive possibility and one worth pursuing.

Employee volunteering encourages dignity and self-worth for all, for the betterment of all.

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