Fact sheets & Guides

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Fast fact sheets & guides for volunteers, volunteer managers,volunteer organisations & corporates

Our Fast Facts sheets provide a basic introduction to key issues in managing volunteers and volunteering organisations or programs as well as links to guides for volunteers. Each fact sheet also includes references to other useful resources we recommend.

If you are a Volunteer Manager, check out our new Volunteer Management Toolkit. We are also developing a range of Position Statements.

NEW! Key Facts and statistics about volunteering in Victoria (17 February 2015) Download PDF

NEW! Download our list of key sources of information about volunteering in Victoria  Download PDF

NEW! Changes to mandatory reporting Read more

For Volunteers

Guide for volunteers

This guide is a handbook for volunteers, to assist prospective volunteers to consider how they might like to make a contribution, and how to go about making it happen. It also provides an outline of rights and responsibilities when engaging with not for profits as a volunteer. This guide is a summary of the content of many of the fact sheets above. Download Guide for Volunteers

For Organisations & Businesses

Guide for not for profit organisations

This guide was developed to assist not for profits to make the most of attracting and retaining the support of business through their employee volunteering programs. It aims to provide a framework for thinking about what is required of the partnership, and what what not for profits can do to make the partnership successful and productive. Download Guide for Not For Profits

Guide for employers

This guide is designed to assist employers to develop and maintain and successful employee volunteering program, and how to establish connections with not for profits to enable employee volunteers to add value to the services provided by the not for profit sector. Download Guide for Employers

If you are a Volunteer Manager, check out our new Volunteer Management Toolkit.

Getting started with volunteers

Legal considerations

Recruiting volunteers

Managing a volunteer program