Research Roundtables

Volunteering Victoria’s research roundtables are an initiative to foster partnerships between researchers and practitioners. These panel sessions present an opportunity for a genuine discussion with participants about current research issues and trends in volunteering. The input from participants at the roundtable events informs Volunteering Victoria’s work policy and advocacy work generally, and in particular, our work for the Volunteer Management Special Interest Group and our advocacy on behalf of the volunteering sector.

Research Roundtable Dates in 2016

Volunteering Victoria will be holding three Research Roundtables in 2016 from 10am-12.30pm on the following dates:

  • Thursday 14 July Misuse and Abuse of Volunteering
  • Tuesday 23 August  Multicultural Volunteering Conference feature
  • Thursday 24 November Volunteering: The changing landscape in rural and regional communities

The roundtable events (aside from the Multicultural Volunteering Conference) are member-only events.  Space is limited so registrations will be on a first-come, first-served basis.  If your organisation can assist by providing a room for any of these events, and for all enquiries, please contact

Past Research Roundtables

November 2015
The purpose of the roundtable was for participants to explore volunteering powering resilient communities. Read more

July 2015
The purpose of this roundtable was for participants to explore volunteer motivation and its implications for retentionRead more

November 2013
The roundtable, attended by 25 researchers and practitioners focused on spontaneous volunteering and volunteer motivations during natural disasters. Read more

May 2013
This roundtable, attended by 20 researchers and practitioners, focused on volunteering and delivering on the promise to review the Volunteering Victoria Research Framework through the roundtable 12 months after the original consultation.  Read more

November 2012
This roundtable, attended by 20 researchers and practitioners, canvassed a broad range of issues including urban design, growth areas and community infrastructure; informal volunteering, “westernised” volunteering and CALD communities; and attitudes toward volunteering held by different demographic groups, including youth. Read more

May 2012
This roundtable, attended by 20 researchers and practitioners, was held as an ‘early bird’ event for National Volunteer Week and focused on the current state of practitioner and researcher engagement in the volunteering space and workshopped practical ways of working together into the future.  Read more

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