Professional development

We recognise the importance of supporting ongoing professional development for all members in the Volunteering sector. We are committed to enabling best practice strategies and endeavour to provide ongoing, quality learning opportunities through flexible, contemporary and accessible training. We embrace collaboration and have a variety of learning opportunities available to support professional development and accommodate your needs. Please contact the Professional Development and Events team today.

Volunteer Essentials: The 3 Rs - Recruitment, Retention and Recognition

What are some of the ingredients of a well-run volunteer program? How can you make your volunteer program attractive to a diverse pool of volunteers?  And, once recruited, how do you keep your volunteers engaged?Understanding The 3R’s: Recruitment, Retention and Recognition will help you attract volunteers, keep them motivated and acknowledge their contribution so they feel connected to your program and organisation.

Volunteering Victoria State Conference 2017

A two day conference to be held on Thursday 22 June – Friday 23 June, 2017.

In-house training & customised programs

Let us train your staff in the workplace. We can deliver existing programs or customise content and structure to suit your needs.

Volunteer Manager Mentoring Program

We match entry-level volunteer managers and coordinators with senior volunteer managers.
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Our expert consultants come to you. We work closely with your team to facilitate positive outcomes and change management processes.

Essentials and Masterclass Workshops

Are you new to this role? Or are you looking to expand and deepen your knowledge and skills? We have a range of existing workshops targeted to all managers of volunteers.

National Standards for Volunteer Involvement

Learning and Development Reference Group

Are you passionate about the world of education? Join Volunteering Victoria’s Learning and Development Reference Group.