Volunteer Victoria’s State Budget Submission 2017-18

Volunteering Victoria recently made its annual budget submission to the State Government, urging the Andrews Government to expand on their current commitment to volunteering by increasing their financial contribution to the sector.

1.51 million people in Victoria contribute 203 million hours of work to the community providing vital services across all sectors including aged care, disability services, sport and recreation, the environment, the arts, emergency services and much more.

The State Government has already shown it is committed to volunteering with the establishment of the Ministerial Council for Volunteers, however ongoing funding and resources to support volunteer management across the state is essential to ensure the longevity of the sector.

Says CEO Sue Noble;

“The value of volunteering in Victoria is well documented and widely acknowledged, but this has not translated into any serious Budget investment. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the funding for Volunteering Victoria, the State peak for volunteering, which is the lowest in the nation at $0.03 per head of population.”

Volunteering Victoria has also sought support to continue operating its innovative spontaneous emergency volunteer services program, HelpOUT.  Under its current 3-year project-based funding  arrangement, HelpOUT will lose half of its funding in July 2017 and the remainder in July 2018.The important contribution of HelpOUT in supporting relief and recovery following major emergencies is widely recognised by the emergency management sector, yet  it has failed to attract recurrent funding.

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