HelpOUT Transition Arrangements

Volunteering Victoria’s HelpOUT emergency volunteering service was initiated in July 2015, with time-limited pilot funding through the Commonwealth government’s Natural Disaster Resilience Grants Scheme, and went live in February 2016. The initiative aimed to improve the coordination and management of spontaneous emergency volunteers through a recruitment, coordination and management service.

HelpOUT, including the Managers of Spontaneous Volunteers (MSEV) program, aimed to complement and support the vital role of state and local government in emergency management by capturing and better managing spontaneous volunteer offers, freeing up other resources in the immediate aftermath of an emergency.

Volunteering Victoria has been working with the Department of Health and Human Services, Emergency Management Victoria and other stakeholders to review the successes and lessons learned from the HelpOUT service and MSEV program, and to inform a longer term, sustainable model for the coordination and management of spontaneous emergency volunteers.

Further information and advice will be forthcoming from the Department of Health and Human Services over the coming months.

Should you have any questions regarding this update, please don’t hesitate to contact us on or give Marijke Fotia, HelpOUT Project Manager, a call on 03 8327 8501. 

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