HelpOUT emergency volunteering service launches in the G21 region

HelpOUT emergency volunteering service launches in the G21 region

Volunteering Victoria is proud to launch HelpOUT – a matching service linking every day Victorians who want to help with the relief and recovery needs of disaster-affected communities.

Visit our HelpOUT Emergency Volunteering Portal

HelpOUT is like a recruitment service for emergency relief and recovery volunteers. We maintain a database of individual volunteers who are ready, willing and able to help. We record each person’s availability, location, and unique skills or equipment.

Then when organisations working in disaster-affected communities need extra help, they can request HelpOUT volunteers with the right skills from Volunteering Victoria. We’ll search our database for the most suitable volunteers, and contact them to offer a specific volunteering opportunity. Confirmed volunteers are referred and deployed directly to the host organisation.

HelpOUT is now being piloted in the G21 region, which includes the local government areas of Geelong, Queenscliff, Surf Coast, Colac Otway and Golden Plains. HelpOUT will assist with emergencies occuring within this region, and we are also taking registrations from people who are willing to volunteer in the G21 region, regardless of where they live.

We are also working with a small number of non-profit organisations, councils and emergency management stakeholders in the G21 region, to understand their volunteering needs and potentially register them as HelpOUT client organisations. In particular, we continue to keep in touch with community recovery planning after the Wye River and Separation Creek fires and the recent Geelong floods, with a view to providing HelpOUT volunteers for recovery activities if extra hands are needed.

For more information about HelpOUT, or to register as a HelpOUT volunteer, click here.

Volunteering Victoria thanks our wonderful project partners Volunteering Geelong and Volunteering Queensland for all their efforts so far, as well as our G21 stakeholders. We also acknowledge the project funding support provided by the Australian Government in partnership with the Victorian Government.

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