Good news stories – from students and organisations

Clara Hoetzel is an international student from Indonesia, studying Event Management at William Angliss Institute. 
Volunteering experience gives her skills and practical knowledge that will help her find work in her chosen profession.

The State Library Volunteer Greeters Program is successfully engaging international students, helping them to deliver a warm welcome from people from language and cultural backgrounds.
Doris from China and Hteteieikhime from Burma volunteered in the Harmony Street activity at the 2017 Spring Fling Street Festival. 
Dai Cheng and Linan Jia have been volunteering at MannaCare for several months, improving their communication skills while helping to deliver MannaCare’s Gym Active program.










The National Sustainable Living Festival has grown to become the largest celebration of sustainability in Australia, and the most comprehensive Australian platform for showcasing community responses to environmental challenges.
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