Professional Develop Workshops

Volunteering Victoria have adapted all of its workshops and developed new content to reflect the changing landscape of volunteering. All workshops in 2017 have been revised and newly released.

Volunteering Victoria seeks to support the volunteering sector through ongoing and successive professional development. We offer a number of newly revised and newly created “off-the-shelf” workshops that have been adapted to address the current needs, research and steering influences over the sector.

We have a suite of workshops that target a range of audiences, from entry-level managers of volunteers through to an organisational level. Topics target foundational knowledge and skills, supplementary skill sets, specialisation and organisational strategy. Examples include but are not limited to: Recruitment, retention & recognition; Emerging trends in volunteering (various topics); Building a positive culture; Conflict management; Leadership in volunteering; Volunteer performance counselling; National Standards for Volunteer Involvement; and more!

Our learning pathways offer a strategic approach to learning and development in this sector. We also expand this service and offer customised programs within our scope of practice.
For more information on our learning pathways and in-house training workshops available for your network or teams, please contact the Professional Development & Events Team at

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