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Corporate Volunteering Breakfast Event

Volunteering Victoria is running a breakfast network event for practitioners and those interested in Corporate Volunteering.

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Want to get started with corporate volunteering? Our 1-2 hour consultation provides your company with direction for setting up your employee volunteer program. 

The aim of our consulting services is to support your team to drive initiatives that lead to positive and sustainable outcomes. Our expert consultants come to your organisation to work with your team and environment to tailor a customised strategy and program to reflect your goals and volunteering area.

Snapshot - Chris Jarvis & Angela Parker, Realized Worth Workshops

‘What corporate volunteers see and hear is more important to us than what they do.’ Chris Vogt, Volunteer Manager, Prahran Mission

Chris’ comment reinforces one of the key insights shared during the recent employee engagement workshops with Chris Jarvis and Angela Parker, Co-founders of Realized Worth, a global consulting firm.