Past priorities

Reform of legislation governing associated incorporations
The Victorian government is in the process of replacing the Associations Incorporation Act with the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012. This legislation governs the management of many Victorian community organisations as a separate legal entity in the form of an...
Harmonisation of workplace safety laws
Occupational health and safety laws are in the process of being harmonised across all states and territories of Australia. Under new laws, many volunteer-involving organisations need to apply the same health and safety standards to volunteers as to...
Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission
The not-for-profit sector across Australia has long advocated for a single national not-for-profit regulator. The federal government has pledged to establish the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profit Commission (ACNC) as of 1 October 2012.
Volunteering Victoria Manifesto
Volunteering Victoria has a clear public statement of what we believe are the key areas that should be a focus for all those involved in the volunteering community, what we, as the peak body, are doing about them...
Volunteer Management Program
In February 2012 the federal Minister for Social Inclusion, Mark Butler, announced sweeping changes to the Volunteer Management Program (VMP) funding model.
Government response to Senate Committee report on DSS tender process
Federal Government submission 2015 On 16 September 2015 the Senate Committee released the final report on its inquiry into the Department of Social Services (DSS) tender process. Volunteering Victoria noted that the report heavily criticised the process and reached a...
Submission in response to the “Towards a more effective and sustainable community services system” discussion paper
Volunteering Victoria’s submission requests that consideration be given to the reality of a Victorian community services system without volunteers and recommends that any reform of the community services system promotes and enables the continuation and growth of the contribution...
Submission in response to “Melbourne – Lets talk about the future” discussion paper
Volunteering Victoria submission on the State Government paper, outlining our view on how the built environment, prevalence and location of community infrastructure, and planning generally, all play a role in shaping how people engage with their community, including their...
Submission to the Department of Justice in response to the Working with Children regulatory Impact Statement
This brief submission provides comment in relation to Working with Children Checks (WWCC) and cards for volunteers.
Volunteering Victoria Budget Submission 2013-14
Our 2013-14 State Budget Submission to the Victorian Government. In our submission we have urged the Government to invest in volunteering for the benefit of all Victorian communities.
Submission to the Office of Multicultural Affairs & Citizenship on the vision for citizenship in multicultural Victoria
Volunteering Victoria’s response to the invitation to comment on the Government’s to develop a new multicultural and citizenship policy for Victoria.
ACNC Legislation Submission from volunteering peak bodies
Joint Submission
Volunteering peaks joined to provide a joint submission in a tight 5 day time frame on the Australian Charities and Not-for-Profits Commission Legislation. It indicated support for the existence of the ACNC, and the prospect of changed Director’s liabilities...
Submission to Consumer Affairs Victoria on the Regulatory Impact Statement – Associations Incorporation Regulations 2012
Volunteering Victoria outlined four key points of concern about the the implications of the proposed regulations for our members and the impact of regulatory reform in enabling a thriving volunteering culture in Victoria.
Submission to ABS: Investing in the Information that Counts the Most
Volunteering Victoria contributed to a Volunteering Australia submission urging the Australian Bureau of Statistics to gather and measure statistics on volunteers and volunteering nationally.
Consolidation of Commonwealth Anti-Discrimination Laws Discussion Paper Volunteering Victoria Submission January 2012
Feedback to the Attorney-General on how federal laws should protect voluntary workers from discrimination and harassment.
Inquiry on Growing the Suburbs Infrastructure and Business Development in Outer Surburban Melbourne Volunteering Victoria Submission
Our submission to this Victorian government inquiry emphasised the importance of supporting and resourcing volunteering in emerging neighbourhoods.
Establishment of the Australian Not-for-Profit and Charities Commission (ACNC)
Volunteering Victoria, with Volunteering Australia, supported this submission by the Community Council for Australia on the establishment of a new national regulator for not-for-profits.
Inquiry into the opportunities for participation of Victorian seniors Volunteering Victoria Submission
This inquiry sought to examine opportunities and barriers to participation in social and economic life for older citizens. Our submission highlighted the important contribution Victorian seniors make as volunteers, particularly in community and welfare services.
Volunteering Victoria Budget Submission 2012-13 Final
Our submission recommended investment in three key areas: research and reporting, local volunteering support and centralised support agencies to develop the capacity of organisations to involve volunteers.
Volunteering Victoria response to the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 Issues Paper June 2011
In this submission, Volunteering Victoria has argued for further clarification of volunteers’ rights in relation to discrimination – an area that is so unclear as to prevent the development of practical advice for volunteer-involving organisations.
Response to the National Sport Volunteer Strategy
Volunteering Victoria contributed a joint response to this strategy with Volunteering Australia and Volunteering Tasmania.