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Volunteering Victoria, the state peak body for volunteering, is a not for profit and charity. Our primary function is to facilitate opportunities for people and organisations to assist members of the Australian community who are in need through volunteering.  We do this by a range of activities, including advocacy, sector development, research, the promotion of volunteering and collaboration with like-minded individuals and organisations. Our vision is resilient communities and empowered and active citizens through volunteering.

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Sue Noble /
Sue Noble joined Volunteering Victoria in July 2012.

Meet our Board

Angela Seach /
Angela has worked in volunteer-involving organisations since 2002 and...

Volunteering Victoria Manifesto

Our constitution

Our Constitution

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Harness the Power of Association. Membership of Volunteering Victoria is open to all organisations and individuals with an interest in, a commitment to, and a passion and respect for volunteering.

Our 2017 - 2020 Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


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